Summer School 2020

Dates:  06 - 16.07.20

Main theme: Advanced Managerial Skills

- 48 teaching hours 
- lectures, workshops, business simulation game
- 6 ECTS
- daily classes 9-14:30




1) Branding - dr Monika Hajdas

Course description: During the 2-days intense Branding workshop you will learn how to develop brand identity concepts and execute them through graphic design of branded materials & touchpoints. This workshop combines strategic and creative perspective with divergent and convergent thinking. It incorporates brainstorming, strategic reflection, and prioritization. The workshop is run by experienced facilitator who can lead ideation activities to generate ideas, guide attendees through focused discussions, and use prioritization techniques to build common vision towards possible strategic or creative directions.

During the course you will learn how to:

create brand concepts and execute them through graphic design;

work within tight timelines and fast workflows – this workshop condenses ideation& prototyping into the span of a few hours, so it can fit easily into modern project methods, such as Design Sprints, Agile environments or lean workflows;

collaborate – during the workshop attendees work together to come up with ideas, identify themes and create strategic & creative directions. Everyone is equal and everyone contributes into the success of the project.

2) Management in Practiceprof. Joanna Radomska 

Course description: The course will be based on Marketplace simulation where students experiment with different strategies in an engaging game-like exercise. They launch new products to the market and manage the entire product life cycle, from introduction to growth to maturity. Learning content is gradually and purposefully introduced as the market evolves.

3) Basics of Logistics in SAP ERP - prof. Marek Kośny / dr Michał Jakubiak

Course description:  SAP is the world leader in enterprise applications in terms of software and software-related service revenue. Based on market capitalization, they are the world’s third-largest independent software manufacturer. This course will educate participants on how master data and organizational data is maintained in SAP ERP. Participants will learn how to create, manage, report and use the master data in basics logistics processes.


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We would like to reserve the right of making some changes to the schedule. All the corrections will be announced.