Summerschoolers about us

Summer School Poland 2008-2019 turned out to be a very exciting and friendly time for all the students and organisers. We always made up a happy, energetic group of young people from 38 countries, 5 continents! Not only was it time of studying and fun, but also of bonding and building friendships that are still lasting.

I think I might say that I have never made so many great friends in such a short, memorable two weeks, before. And then they say cliche but incredibly true. Time flies when you are having fun. And fun, it sure was!

Charlotte, Belgium, 2016

Attending Summer School Poland has definitely been the highlight of my college experience! A great combination of interesting academic courses, enlightening cultural activities, and peers of various cultures from all over the world is what made my time in Poland so wonderful. I never thought that I could have so much fun in two short weeks, but SSP certainly proved me wrong!

Joey, USA, 2013

Doubt no more, 'cause this is a real thing for you!! SSP is one of the best things that happend to me. I made such a wonderful memories in Wrocław. A great soup with a lot of spices - studying, meeting new people, bowling, buddies, great professors, rope-park, sightseeing etc. Come and see for yourself!

Ivana, Croatia, 2013

I am really happy for the 2 weeks I have spent in Wroclaw, wonderfull town with great people. Not only did I improve my entrepreneurial skills and learn about Polish culture, but I also met many interesting people along the way, both students and instructors. I really liked the classes, a very high level of professionalism, regular outings and cultural activities. Thank You so much!

Nadia, Moldavia, 2012


I would like to mention that i never thought that Summerschool this year would be so much fun like last year...but it was! It was so special again! Please notice that your summerschool is one of the best things someone can do during the summer break! The combination of education,credits,fun and life experience is almost perfect! thx a lot again! greetings to the whole team and everyone i forget to mention!

Chris, Germany, 2008 & 2009 & 2010


Summer School Poland was THE best experience of my college life! I learned a lot and made lasting friendships from people in different countries. Even if two weeks doesn't seem like a long time, a lot can happen, and I have been so privileged to be able to take part in it all! If you're looking for a study abroad experience that allows you to earn credits in a short amount of time while still having a lot of fun, THIS is the program you're looking for!...but do yourself a favor and bring bug spray!

Alisha, USA, 2009


First of all SSP provides an academic program of outstanding teaching quality for those who are interested in issues of both Business and Economics. You have a great time with both the organization team and the participants from all over the world. You get great value for your money, do really nice trips and most probably meet a bunch of future life-time friends.For me, SSP 2009 has been a very special experience with a very special group of people. I enjoyed being there for two weeks and truly support the idea of SSP at Wroclaw University of Economics.

Stefan, Austria, 2009


If I am going to start writing about SSP.. i wont stop writing till next year cuz I had a wonderful time out there... meeting diff people from divers part of the world; gettiing to learn alot about Poland and polish ppl; and to crown it up i like the packaging by the SSP crew.. and I look forward to it again in the nearest future...

Jay, Nigeria, 2009


My Summer School experience was amazing. I got the opportunity to study in a beautiful city and learn so many new things. I got the chance to meet people from all over the world and learn about their cultures, as well as share mine with them. The staff were great and worked together to create an ideal combination of fun and studies. I truly made lifelong friends and I would highly recommend Summer School Poland to anyone who is thinking about the experience!

Courtney, USA, 2009


While coming to my thoughts about SummerSchool, anybody can ask “Why SSP?” The answer will be “Why not SSP?” If it is one of the most efficient and enjoyable ways to spend summer, if it offers interesting and valuable lectures, why I, like everyone else, shouldn’t prefer SSP? ;-) It was really an amazing way to interact with people from all over the world as well as interchanging knowledge, experiences and making lifelong friendship with them. Briefly, I will never forget, actually I will never be able to forget my days in SSP…

Tural, Azerbaijan, 2009

The summer school was so well organized. Two views: Academically, the programme was very useful for various reasons. Firstly the programme was diversified, yet coherent and so interesting for everyone. Secondly, it was great to have specialists in many subjects available to explain unfamillar concepts. Finally I am very happy for the time I spent in Wroclaw. You'll meet people all around the world with their different cultures. The fun is guaranteed.

Tobias, Germany, 2009 & 2010


Being part of Summer School Poland was educational, fun and great experience! The organisation team realy made their effort which was seen in variable activities and trips that fulfill our afternoons. Classes were really interesting and were held by great profesors. And all together was even better because of superior people I met there from all around the world. So if you want everything and miss nothing, Summer School Poland is experience for you!

Masa, Slovenia, 2009


Summerschool in Wroclaw is the best combination of having fun, making new friends and receiving credit points during your summer holidays!

Aleks, Ukraine, 2009


I think its a great opportunity to attend in this program - get education, fun and also to visit the city especially with very helpful people.

Aslan, Azerbaijan, 2009


My time at SSP 2008 was great! I got to meet a very enthusiastic staff & students from different parts of the world. For anyone who wishes to learn a bit about the Polish culture, travel to a beautiful city and gain some ECTS credits in interesting classes along the way, this program is for you!

Nataša, Canada/Serbia, 2008

I am not sure about what to say, apart from Summer = Wroclaw!
Learning in Wroclaw provided the opportunity to learn about so many things, and the opportunity to meet people who I can't imagine my life not knowing. It is an experience you'll never forget and you will meet friends you will keep in touch with for life.

Gavin, Scotland, 2008

“It was a very interesting combination of subjects and afternoon activities”
“It was a new, interesting experience”
“I can mention the advantages: interesting country, reasonable cost and very good organization”
“It seemed unconventional and it really was…!”